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New Claims Technologies To Help Companies Drive Revenue And Differentiate Themselves

Still Working With Files? Time To Reevaluate Your Technology

New Study By The Gartner Group Shows 10 Technologies With The Greatest Impact For The Property/ Casualty Industry To Drive Revenue

The Gartner Group, Inc., in a new report, has identified 10 technologies that they feel will have the greatest impact for the Property and Casualty industry to help differentiate themselves and drive new revenue.

“There is a long list of technologies that P&C insurers can use to improve their processes — from product development through customer service. Many of these technologies, however, provide only incremental or minor improvements, have limited or no return on investment (ROI), or do not promise to help P&C insurers radically change their business models, reduce operational costs or generate revenue,” said Kimberly Harris-Ferrante, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “With budgets challenged and with limited funding for discretionary spending, it is imperative that organizations prioritize their investments favoring those that will generate the greatest ROI and drive the most value.”

Many of the technologies suggested by Gartner can have a significant claims impact. Below I comment on 4 that I feel can have the greatest impact on claims:

  1. Modern Policy and Claims Management Systems – Companies with modern systems, that integrate well with the rest of the organization, have enhanced workflow and business process management (BPM) capabilities. Such systems are easily adoptable as business changes occur and give the company a clear competitive advantage. As Gartner points out, “the adoption of these systems by personal and commercial P&C insurers can provide significant value, including reducing the total cost of ownership, when legacy systems are decommissioned.
  2. Business Intelligence and Analytics – Data and analytics are a logical extension following the adoption of updated systems. Customers are demanding more information and can easily be provided what they need with newer analytic tools. Having better information will also lead to better risk decisions and pricing. In addition, as more states require specialized claim reports, these types of analytics are required to ensure compliance with ever changing data requests.
  3. Advanced Fraud Detection Solutions – Gartner put it best on this one by saying “it is key that insurers reduce losses and leakage to retain profitability. Better control of fraud is essential in accomplishing these goals. Advanced tools analyze data (structured and unstructured) to identify fraudulent claims in real time at point of data entry. This will assist P&C insurers in reducing losses that result in driving up operational costs and may result in companies having to increase insurance premiums based on these losses”
  4. Mobile Devices/Technologies – Any way a consumer can submit a claim promptly and easily will be an invaluable tool. The buzz word in business is mobility and it is no different with claims. With most mobile devices now containing cameras, documenting losses early in the process is easier and can assist in preventing fraud. From the adjuster side, stronger, integrated, mobile technology will greatly speed up claims processing significantly reducing costs.

Failing to adopt new technology will put companies at a competitive disadvantage. Every company should look to evaluate their current systems and offerings and create a strategic plan to keep up-to-date with software and solutions. Staying ahead of the curve is a sure way to help drive costs down and stand out from those who don’t.

Prior to going down a new technology road, I would again encourage an assessment of your claims operations. For further comments on how to manage new technology, please see my prior posts of Putting Puzzle Pieces Together and the Challenge of Creating a New Claims System, as well as With old claims systems come old claims processes – You can’t change one without the other!

What trends are you seeing in claims technology that will be essential for companies in the coming years?

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