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  1. 5 Ways To Use Defense Counsel To Lower Claims Expenses And Get Better Results January 5, 2011

    Posted in Best Practices, Litigation Management, SPOT on Issues, SPOT on Ops.

    The management of litigation is both an art and a science. The issue that every company must face is how to best spend dollars on defense costs to minimize the amount paid in indemnity. In addressing this, lots of questions come to mind. Does the size of the claim matter when deciding how much to spend on defense costs? Does a higher rate buy a better defense? Do flat rates buy a better defense for certain claims? What is the effect of a looming trial date on the claimant’s view of case value? And of course every company is different and has its own philosophy.

    Defense Counsel should be a help, not a hindrance, to producing improved results and helping to lower indemnity payouts. Focusing on these 5 issues will go a long way to achieving better results.

    Read the latest from our newest contributor, James Pattillo, Partner in the Birmingham, Alabama law firm of Norman, Wood, Kendrick & Turner.