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  1. Customer Service & Communication: A Conversation with Mary Porter, former EVP and Chief Claims Officer, Selective Insurance Group November 30, 2010

    Posted in Mary Porter (former EVP and Chief Claims Officer of Selective Insurance Group), The Inside SPOT.

    In late November 2010, The Claims SPOT had the pleasure to sit down with Mary Porter for our “The Inside SPOT” series of industry leaders. In this series of discussions we explore how these leaders began their careers and how they see the industry today.

    Mary Porter is the former EVP and Chief Claims Officer for Selective Insurance Group, a holding company for seven property and casualty insurance companies rated A+ by A.M. Best. In this interview, Mary shares some of what she learned as she took on a number of increasingly interesting legal and claims executive roles. She also discusses some of the challenges and opportunities the industry faces today.

    Please enjoy our discussion with Mary Porter.

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  2. Outcomes, Effectiveness, People: A Conversation with QBE the Americas Chief Claims Officer Dean Harring September 27, 2010

    Posted in Dean Harring (Chief Claims Officer QBE the Americas), The Inside SPOT.

    The Inside SPOT: An Interview with Dean Harring, the Chief Claims Officer for QBE the Americas The Inside SPOT profiles our industry leaders and executives. In these discussions we explore how these dedicated leaders began their careers and how they see the industry today. In this interview, Dean shares his astute insight into the industry […]

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  3. What are your towing and transport processes costing you? September 14, 2010

    Posted in Best Practices, Claims Technology, Customer Service, SPOT on Costs, SPOT on Issues.

    Claims organizations have long recognize the power of vendor networks. Direct Repair Programs are an easy example. New technology and new providers allow those same benefits to be applied to vehicle transport management, where a primary goal is to reduce vehicle storage costs. In fact vehicle storage costs can be a major component when evaluating the overall costs of non-drivable vehicles. This article highlights what to look for in evaluating your current process and how you can hone in with almost pin-point accuracy on this previously less-managed area of cost expenditure.

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  4. What Paul Revere Can Teach Claims Professionals About The Benefits Of Building A Strong Professional Network August 12, 2010

    Posted in Best Practices, SPOT on Issues.

    Is professional networking (so-called social networking) relevant for claims professionals? Does it make them more effective, help them to identify resources they need to do their job better, find the right attorney, be creative, identify emerging technologies, spark their imagination, and set industry trends? Or are they a waste of time, an invasion of privacy, or just not part of your world?

    To look at that, this article examines the effectiveness of Paul Revere and the analytical work done in several publications, including the Harvard Business Review, Tipping Point and Connected. It examines the potential of social and professional networks, what makes them successful and effective, and the applicability of technology platforms liked LinkedIn to the claims management profession.

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  5. Encounters of the Best Kind Can Create The Strongest Claims Organizations July 20, 2010

    Posted in Best Practices, Customer Service, SPOT on Issues, SPOT on Ops.

    Companies cannot define their core “brand” through brute marketing and advertising. Rather, customers define what that brand is in their individual interactions with the company. Those interactions can either be transactions or encounters. Encounters make the relationship stronger while transactions result in a worse relationship or one that stays the same. This is no different in the claims professional’s world. How can claims professionals create encounters, and avoid transactions, in their interactions with their customers?

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  6. 5 Questions To Ask Property Adjusters Before Making That Partnership July 9, 2010

    Posted in Due Diligence, SPOT on Ops.

    Selecting the right partner for your property adjustment needs can be absolutely crucial to meeting stake-holder needs across the claims process. Making the wrong decision up-front can create countless problems down the road.

    At a high level, claims executives might look for synergy, good philosophical fit, and a proven track record. But what about day-to-day operational considerations? What should be included in your detailed market evaluations, your informational meetings with potential vendors, or even your RFI and RFP for property adjustment services?

    Learn how to not not shortchange the process by not asking the right questions in Taylor Smith’s posting of 5 questions to ask property adjusters before making the partnership.

  7. The Modern Claims File – 5 Considerations When Selecting A Records Retrieval Partner June 14, 2010

    Posted in Claims Technology, Litigation Management, SPOT on Costs, SPOT on Ops.

    The growth of national records retrieval partners, and the availability of sophisticated web-based record delivery platforms, means new options for claims executives looking to improve their operations. Turning over the routine tasks associated with retrieving records in the claims process to an expert company can mean more time available for what claims professionals, staff counsel and outside law firms do best — analyzing and resolving claims. It can also mean faster retrieval and lower case cycle times. And, depending upon how the records are presented, it can dramatically reduce the time required to index, sort and derive real analytical value from the records themselves. Five key ideas for what to consider in selecting a records retrieval partner are discussed.

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  8. The Legacy Claims System Facelift – 5 Issues To Consider When Looking At New Systems June 7, 2010

    Posted in Claims Technology, SPOT on Ops.

    While historically the replacement of a claims system could seem like a 18-month root canal, new technologies and new approaches have made it possible to significantly reduce implementation times. While this can make a decision to change systems more appealing, the evaluation of new claims systems still presents a myriad of options. Pages and pages of feature-sets offer tremendous advancement, but can seem confusing and even overwhelming.

    So with all these options available, what are some key items to consider as you look at the marketplace? Taylor Smith gives 5 items to consider when selecting a new claims system for you organization.

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  9. 5 Items To Consider When Evaluating An Electronic-Invoicing System For Your Outside Law Firms May 26, 2010

    Posted in Litigation Management, SPOT on Costs, SPOT on Ops.

    Estimates vary, but by most accounts roughly 30% of P & C claims organizations have put some kind of e-billing platform in place. Now, as prices have decreased and law firm utilization expanded, these solutions are easily accessible by claims organizations of all sizes, including those with very low legal expenditures. In Taylor Smith’s last post, 10 Keys To Managing Court Reporting Costs, he wrote about the benefits claims organizations are experiencing when implementing a national court reporting program. He now tackles several key concepts to consider when implementing an e-billing system to improve the management of legal invoices.

    Take a look and let us know what you think.

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  10. 10 Key Steps To Managing Court Reporting Costs Designed To Save Claims Expenses May 21, 2010

    Posted in SPOT on Costs.

    There are simple ways to lower costs so stop throwing money away As a consultant working with insurance carriers and the service and technologies who sell to them, I am often asked about new areas for improved cost management. While there are often many opportunities to consider, I often focus on court reporting costs. Why? […]

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