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  1. 5 Things Claims Handlers DON’T NEED In A Report From Counsel March 10, 2011

    Posted in SPOT on Legal.

    Claim handling is tough enough. Attorney’s hired to defend claims on behalf insured are given guidelines and instructions, yet they still manage to provide information that is not useful. In our latest post from our resident attorney, Jim Pattillo, we provide some practical advise to counsel that can help produce a better report. Pass it along and spread the word.

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  2. The 5 Essential Components of Defense Attorney Reports That Can Improve Claims Costs and Outcomes March 14, 2010

    Posted in Commentary, My SPOT, SPOT on Costs.

    Why are Attorney Evaluation Reports sometimes so light? I was recently conducting an audit of claim files and had the opportunity to review a significant number of Attorney Evaluation reports from a variety of law firms. Like many other things in life, some were better than others. What seemed to be most glaringly consistent was the inability of counsel to truly provide an assessment of exposure and what the case is worth. Every counsel evaluation report should contain 5 basic components that I outline and attorneys should be required to provide their actual valuable opinion. [More…]