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  1. Claim Reviews Empower Better Decisions By Putting Critical Information In Hand March 30, 2011

    Posted in Best Practices, Claims Auditing, Compliance, Due Diligence, SPOT on Ops.

    Insurance is as much about having the right information at the right time as anything. Whether it’s an underwriting choice to price a risk correctly or a claim decision as to when to a play a claim, having the best data available can make or break an organization. Despite this fact, many organizations fail to take advantage of tools and rights available to them prior to making critical business decisions. Claim reviews are empowering tools to help make better decisions. Staying ahead of the competition and managing risk is a key component of any any successful organization. The claims review allow decision makers to have the most available data to make better decisions. In this weeks post we discuss 8 reason when they should be done and speak to going beyond the claim files to fully understand the substance behind the numbers.

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  2. 5 Elements That Reports From Outside Counsel Should Have March 15, 2011

    Posted in SPOT on Legal.

    Last post, our resident SPOT on Legal contributor, Jim Pattillo suggested 5 things counsel should leave out of their report. This posting he provides an inside look at what counsel should have. Everyone is striving to improve claims and ensure information is provided timely and effectively. Take a look at these suggestions and feel free to join the discussion and add a few more.

  3. 5 Things Claims Handlers DON’T NEED In A Report From Counsel March 10, 2011

    Posted in SPOT on Legal.

    Claim handling is tough enough. Attorney’s hired to defend claims on behalf insured are given guidelines and instructions, yet they still manage to provide information that is not useful. In our latest post from our resident attorney, Jim Pattillo, we provide some practical advise to counsel that can help produce a better report. Pass it along and spread the word.

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  4. 5 Things To Avoid When Negotiating In Business and Claims March 2, 2011

    Posted in Negotiation, SPOT on Issues.

    Let’s face it, claims is as much about negotiating as anything. It is a significant part of our jobs as claims professionals, yet little real time is spent honing those skills. In coming across an article on 5 things you should never say while negotiating, we comment on how these techniques can be used in claims negotiations. Take a look, and tell us your techniques.

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