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  1. Military Service, Leadership & Claims: A Conversation With CNA’s George Fay, Executive Vice President, Worldwide P&C Claims October 20, 2011

    Posted in George Fay (EVP Worldwide P&C Claims- CNA), The Inside SPOT.

    As part of our continued series, and in conjunction with Claims Advisor magazine, we add to our Inside SPOT interviews of leaders in the claims industry. These articles have been previously printed in Claims Advisor as part of their Executive Concerns. George Fay, Executive VP of P&C Claims for CNA. Mr. Fay has a very interesting background as a Military Investigator. How he brought that to the claims world makes for yet another example of how diverse our industry is. Please enjoy and comment on this interesting article.

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  2. Don’t Go Into Mediation Cold: Settlement Requires A Game Plan October 3, 2011

    Posted in Mediation & Settlement, SPOT on Issues.

    Like football, a good play book will make executing the game plan better. That is if you have a game plan. In her latest post by contributor Nancy Hudgins, she discusses the importance of having a Settlement Game Plan. Most counsel do not spend a significant amount of time preparing for mediation and settlement. With a game plan discussed in advance, you will improve your chances of settlement.

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