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  1. Putting Puzzle Pieces Together and the Challenge of Creating a New Claims System January 22, 2010

    Posted in Claims Technology, My History.

    Creating a new claims system should be easy with no legacy, right? Not so fast! One of the great things about going to work for a start-up insurance company with a lot of venture money is the idea that you can build everything from scratch. No legacy of losses, a clean balance sheet, and no […]

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  2. Start-up – Lets get down and dirty and pitch in on everything January 19, 2010

    Posted in My History.

    On day one as Vice President of Claims for Arch Insurance Company I found myself working in cramped space in Lower Manhattan where the CEO shared an office with others and the head of Professional Liability Underwriting found a happy home in an electrical closet. Arch was rapidly growing its underwriting and was binding new […]

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