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  1. 2 Preventative Steps To Help Avoid Claims Crisis Before They Become Emergencies June 11, 2012

    Posted in Best Practices, Commentary.

    Seth Godin in his wonderful blog recently wrote about Emergency room doctors in organizations. These are the people that are really good at and are rewarded for stopping bleeding. Seth is questioning where all the strategic thinking to prevent those emergencies in the first place? In claims we tend to hire and support that emergency room doctor mindset. Despite this, we can avoid becoming emergency rooms and be more proactive strategic organizations. In our latest post we explore possible solutions to be less reactive.

  2. Blizzard Warning in the East! Can your claims department keep running if the office closes? February 10, 2010

    Posted in SPOT on Ops.

    The East Coast snow storm is a great reminder to be prepared for disasters and other reasons why your office would have to close. Do you have the plans in place to manage the next event? Does your claims system give you the ability to manage claims remotely? Can you manage claims remotely for an extended period of time?