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Commentary on claims issues raised in the industry

  1. Claims Challenge: It’s Time for a Change – Are You In? January 14, 2014

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    Here’s a challenge! Let’s redesign the claims industry. Yes innovation has improved the world of claims over the past few decades to make claims more efficient. As recent catastrophe’s have shown, the industry is much better at responding to losses than in years past. Regardless, claims functions in an assembly line approach. This has of course been a huge improvement and like manufacturing has helped to produce a better more consistent product. Today’s world allows us to collaborate more so my challenge is to tap into your collective experience and come up with even better ideas. What do you think?

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  2. 4 Areas Of Concern From The Latest Insurance Executive Conference December 12, 2012

    Posted in Commentary, Strategic Planning.

    Recently insurance leaders came together at the 23rd Executive Conference looking at “Driving Growth in the Life and Property-Casualty Insurance Markets.” Throughout the conference 4 themes seemed to permeate: Data and technology, regulatory environment, climate change and social media. It would seem these issues will with the market for a while. Take a look at our brief overview of the conference.

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  3. Everybody Wants to Make Improvements In Claims But No One Actually Makes It Happen June 15, 2012

    Posted in Claims Technology, Commentary.

    There is so much that needs to be done in the world of claims. Operations need fixing, technology needs improving and a futures need to be defined. For some reason however, we are all really good at talking about it and not so good about doing anything about it. The industry needs to take action. Claims departments need to think creatively and “out-of-the-box” if we are going to attract new talent to the industry. This also means acting and not just talking about acting.

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  4. 2 Preventative Steps To Help Avoid Claims Crisis Before They Become Emergencies June 11, 2012

    Posted in Best Practices, Commentary.

    Seth Godin in his wonderful blog recently wrote about Emergency room doctors in organizations. These are the people that are really good at and are rewarded for stopping bleeding. Seth is questioning where all the strategic thinking to prevent those emergencies in the first place? In claims we tend to hire and support that emergency room doctor mindset. Despite this, we can avoid becoming emergency rooms and be more proactive strategic organizations. In our latest post we explore possible solutions to be less reactive.

  5. Insanity: Claim’s Departments Can’t Expect Different Results Without Changing Their Organizations May 9, 2012

    Posted in Commentary, My SPOT.

    Maybe I care too much about our industry or am just frustrated by the lack of attention to quality claims handling, but this is annoying. Why should claims make up half of the most frequent market conduct issues for the Property & Casualty industry as listed by Wolters Kluwer for the 5th straight year? As part of their review they track and analyze the results from state market conduct examinations. As with their prior studies, claims issues continue to dominate the list of state concerns. In my latest post I analyze the last 5 years of the Wolters study and find an upsetting trend – nothing is changing. This is a challenge to claims organizations to improve! Check it out.

  6. Why Don’t Claims Organizations Track Claims Through The Process The Way UPS Tracks A Package? December 28, 2011

    Posted in Bad Faith, Best Practices, Claims Technology, Commentary, SPOT on Costs, SPOT on Ops.

    Today as a customer you can track your packages from the moment they leave the store to the second they arrive at your door. During that time you can see where they are in the process. Truly amazing. Why can’t claims organizations do the same thing? How much better would a claim be if we could track it through the system in the same way UPS can track a package. Something to think about when reading the latest from theClaimsSPOT.

  7. 100 Posts And Counting September 6, 2011

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    100 articles and counting. In today’s post we stop to reflect on our latest accomplishment and provide some context as to our last 100 articles. Thanks for the continued support and we look forward to writing the next 100.

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  8. Shakespeare & Claims: Looking Inward June 6, 2011

    Posted in Claims Auditing, Commentary.

    Cassius said in Julius Caesar, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars — but in ourselves…” This was a frequent theme of Shakespeare’s, who put it another way in All’s Well That Ends Well, when Helena says: “Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie, which we ascribe to Heaven.” In claims and the insurance world we are quick to blame everyone when things don’t go well. In our latest post we discuss the importance of self review and reflection as a means to improved performance.

  9. Commentary: Claims Departments Are Facing A Crisis And Have To Learn To Encourage Innovation January 12, 2011

    Posted in Commentary, My SPOT.

    I’m fed up and I’m not going to take it any more. OK maybe that is an extreme statement but it is time for the industry to face facts. Talent is diminishing and the need to change the claims process is now. So we have heard this before, regardless, the “we have always done it that way mentality” is not helping. In our latest post I comment on the need for change in the industry.

  10. Looking Back On 2010 And Forward To 2011 In The World Of Claims December 31, 2010

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    The year began with continued economic concerns, a poor job market and no recovery in sight. It has come to a close with a booming stock market, improved job numbers and a better outlook for 2011. Looking back on the year in claims and looking ahead to the future of claims is always a fun exercise this time of year so here we go! The Claims SPOT adds to the debate about the past and the future.

    Thanks for reading and have a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year!

  11. Commentary – Expect Gulf Oil Slick Claims To Be Extensive And Impact Multiple Lines Of Business June 5, 2010

    Posted in Commentary, My SPOT.

    We still do not truly understand the entire impact from a claims perspective of the tragedy that has unfolded as a result of the Deepwater Horizon rig accident in the Gulf of Mexico. Losses are being estimated in the $30-$40 billion range with only a fraction of that number covered by insurance. What has recently been reported, however, is an increase in premiums for offshore energy coverages. What is next? No one really knows. The Claims SPOT comments on the some of the issues facing the industry.

  12. Is Your Caims Department Becoming A Bus Company? May 12, 2010

    Posted in Commentary.

    Claims departments can get into ruts and begin to act like bus companies. As Seth Godin, business author, recently wrote in his blog – “We all have a vision of the typical bus company, slowly moving people from place to place, going through the motions and showing a lot of fatigue.” In this weeks post, I point to some ways claims department can avoid the bus company mentality and figure ways to stay fresh and motivated.

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  13. The 5 Essential Components of Defense Attorney Reports That Can Improve Claims Costs and Outcomes March 14, 2010

    Posted in Commentary, My SPOT, SPOT on Costs.

    Why are Attorney Evaluation Reports sometimes so light? I was recently conducting an audit of claim files and had the opportunity to review a significant number of Attorney Evaluation reports from a variety of law firms. Like many other things in life, some were better than others. What seemed to be most glaringly consistent was the inability of counsel to truly provide an assessment of exposure and what the case is worth. Every counsel evaluation report should contain 5 basic components that I outline and attorneys should be required to provide their actual valuable opinion. [More…]

  14. Saying “I’m Sorry” Can Reduce Exposure to New Claims March 5, 2010

    Posted in Commentary, Medical Malpractice, My SPOT, SPOT on Costs.

    It may seem counter intuitive, but with the right technique a heartfelt apology can help lower claims costs and exposures There is a wave of civility sweeping through the world of risk management as a way to lower exposure and reduce costs: Apologize. Maybe mom was right when she stood there and said “now say you’re sorry.” In fact, there are some very impressive statistics in the area of medical malpractice around the simple use of an apology. Regardless, there is a proper way to apologize while protecting rights and some policy considerations to consider.

  15. Failing to properly document files can be costly – It cost one insurance agency $5.83 Million February 1, 2010

    Posted in Best Practices, Commentary, SPOT on Ops.

    Files should speak for themselves. A recent California decision is yet another example of what can happen if you don’t document your files and maintain procedures. In this case – it cost $5.83 million.

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