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In the begining I was a Lawyer

My initial path took me to law school where I learned the fine art of arguing for a living. I spent 8 years as a litigator defending doctors against allegations of malpractice. Its seemed like a logical progression given the fact I come from a family of 7 all whom, except for myself, are in the medical field (5 doctors, one social worker). Defending doctors was great training. For one, every case required you to learn just enough medicine to get into trouble as a patient. After spending days trying to first learn how to say, and then to understand, Glomerulonephritis, it was clear this was no ordinary law job.  It was hard not to immediately feel a bit of injustice being done to the medical community given what seemed to be a perpetual attack on the core of their existence to help people. Having experienced 4 brothers and sisters go through pre-med, medical school and training, let me be clear doctors enter the profession because they inherently want to help heal. Unfortunately, medical malpractice in this country has turned the famous Hippocratic oath of “first, do no harm” into “first make sure you don’t get sued”.

Part of the problem of practicing law in the manner that I did is the complete lack of control over the process as well as the waste that accompanied it. Litigation is a costly and at time ineffective solutions to disputes. I watched as cases would be settled that deserved to be defended and ones be defended that should have been settled. The insurance company and a claim representative made that decision far from the courthouse steps. After 8, years defending claims I was sitting waiting for a jury to return a verdict and realized that if I never tried another case that would be just fine. This is not a way to defend your clients. I wanted to be involved in the decisions and so the logical place to be was in an insurance company.

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