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  1. Book Review: General Liability Insurance Coverage by Maniloff & Stempel April 28, 2011

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    Let’s face it, there are no easy answers to that basic question every claims handler needs to ask: Is it covered? Nonetheless, it is a basic question that is sometimes fraught with trepidation. As you all know, there is no one source of coverage law interpreting your standard CGL form. 50 states means 50 different view points. We review the new book “General Liability Insurance Coverage” by Randy Maniloff & Stempel in this weeks post. It truly is an easy to use manageable book on the subject of coverage issues in a CGL policy. Covering key issues in an easy to use single volume book would be a great addition to anyone working with Commercial General Liability policies.

  2. Continuing Education Is The Path To An Improved Claims Operation April 19, 2011

    Posted in Best Practices, SPOT on Issues.

    We at the Claims SPOT are committed to promoting continuing education within our industry. As part of that commitment we have teamed with the Americas Claims Event as a media sponsor to promote the conference. Expanding claims knowledge is a critical part of any successful operation and at the ACE Conference you will learn new trends from the best and the brightest in the industry.

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