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  1. Breaking Those Competing Commitments To Change January 23, 2015

    Posted in SPOT on Ops.

    In life change happens and people adapt. In business change happens and people react. Those who are resistant to change are usually easy to spot and equally as easy to manage and therefore rarely derail a change initiative. However, it is the person that generally supports change and outwardly appears to be working for the implementation of a new initiative that can sometimes harbor a “competing commitment” that can have a more deleterious impact on the success of a new initiative.

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  2. Commentary: Claims Departments Are Facing A Crisis And Have To Learn To Encourage Innovation January 12, 2011

    Posted in Commentary, My SPOT.

    I’m fed up and I’m not going to take it any more. OK maybe that is an extreme statement but it is time for the industry to face facts. Talent is diminishing and the need to change the claims process is now. So we have heard this before, regardless, the “we have always done it that way mentality” is not helping. In our latest post I comment on the need for change in the industry.

  3. Medicare Secondary Payer Enhancement Act Being Introduced in Congress Could Address Many Concerns of Section 111 Reporting March 23, 2010

    Posted in Medicare Secondary Payer, SPOT on Ops.

    Dealing with MSP Can Feel Like Walking Into a Maze The Medicare Secondary Payer Enhancement Act of 2010 (HR 4796) is a new piece of bi-partisan legislation introduced on March 9, 2010. It is designed to streamline Medicare Secondary Payer reporting and provide some finality for insurers required to reimburse Medicare for “conditional payments” of […]

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  4. Why use a consultant? The second set of eyes! January 20, 2010

    Posted in SPOT on Costs.

    Ever try and organize your own closet? It should be so easy to get the thing in order yet for some reason it’s very difficult. That is until you bring in a closet organizer to arrange everything in easy to manage sections. Sometimes the only way to truly accomplish a task is to have a […]

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  5. Start-up – Lets get down and dirty and pitch in on everything January 19, 2010

    Posted in My History.

    On day one as Vice President of Claims for Arch Insurance Company I found myself working in cramped space in Lower Manhattan where the CEO shared an office with others and the head of Professional Liability Underwriting found a happy home in an electrical closet. Arch was rapidly growing its underwriting and was binding new […]

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