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  1. Military Service, Leadership & Claims: A Conversation With CNA’s George Fay, Executive Vice President, Worldwide P&C Claims October 20, 2011

    Posted in George Fay (EVP Worldwide P&C Claims- CNA), The Inside SPOT.

    As part of our continued series, and in conjunction with Claims Advisor magazine, we add to our Inside SPOT interviews of leaders in the claims industry. These articles have been previously printed in Claims Advisor as part of their Executive Concerns. George Fay, Executive VP of P&C Claims for CNA. Mr. Fay has a very interesting background as a Military Investigator. How he brought that to the claims world makes for yet another example of how diverse our industry is. Please enjoy and comment on this interesting article.

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  2. Do The Hard Things First And Embrace The Challenges: A Conversation With Chartis (AIG) Chief Claims Officer Rick Woollams October 13, 2010

    Posted in Rick Woollams (Chartis Chief Claims Officer), The Inside SPOT.

    On July 28, 2010, The Claims SPOT had the pleasure to sit down with Rick Woollams for our “The Inside SPOT” series of industry leaders. We hope to present more interviews where we explore how these leaders began their careers and how they see the industry today.

    Rick Wollams is in charge of one of the largest claims organizations in the world. What was most interesting about our discussion was how he began his insurance career as a front line liability claims handler and worked his way up the ranks. At his heart he is a claims person through and through and clearly cares about the profession and the people that work for him.

    Do the hard things first and embrace the challenges is a wonderful message from Rick Wollams so please read more and enjoy the interview.

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  3. The Need For Claim Auditing In Catastrophe Loss Situations Such As The Gulf Tragedy June 15, 2010

    Posted in Best Practices, Claims Auditing, Rick Woollams (Chartis Chief Claims Officer), SPOT on Issues.

    The tragedy of the Deepwater Horizon and the aftermath seem to be a topic of constant conversation. From an insurance perspective there is a large amount of criticism being brought to bear on the claims process. The massive administrative organization that has been established to handle what are already tens of thousands of claims is an undertaking that could be fraught with problems. In today’s post from The Claims SPOT we discuss how auditing in the Catastrophe situation is an important part of the process to ensure claims are paid quickly and appropriately while at the same time preventing fraud.

    Take a look and join the conversation.

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