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Getting More in Your Negotiations

Negotiate to get more

Getting More by Stuart Diamond

I just read a fabulous new book by Stuart Diamond, negotiation expert and professor at The Wharton Business School, called:  Getting More.  If you want to get more out of your negotiations, get Getting More today!

Professor Diamond outlines, and then explains, 12 negotiation strategies.  His rationales are likely to make “hard” bargainers second-guess strategies that may (or may not) have worked for them in the past.  At a minimum, adding these strategies to your skill set will broaden your negotiation worldview.

To give you a flavor of Professor Diamond’s thinking, here are the strategies in summary form:

  1. Goals are paramount.
  2. It’s about them.
  3. Make emotional payments.
  4. Every situation is different.
  5. Incremental is best.
  6. Trade things you value unequally.
  7. Find their standards.
  8. Be transparent and constructive, not manipulative.
  9. Always communicate, state the obvious, frame the vision.
  10. Find the real problem and make it an opportunity.
  11. Embrace differences.
  12. Prepare—make a list and practice with it.

Diamond uses a simple comparison to recommend his strategies:  “It’s the difference between saying ‘I play football’ and ‘I play professional football.’”

If you want to negotiate like a pro, buy the book.  Read the book.  Improve your negotiated outcomes.  And, be sure to let me know how it worked for you!

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2 Responses

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  1. Dan Williams says

    Very hard to get my hand son an idea using those strategy summaries. Guess I’ll have to try the book and see. Is this geared toward sales?

  2. Nancy Hudgins says

    Hi, Dan!
    Thanks for your question. Negotiations occur all day every day. The book is geared toward all negotiations, with spouses, children, sales people, banks, etc. But I also think these ideas are applicable to civil litigation and claims handling. I’ll be writing more posts about Diamond’s principles, which he teaches to MBA students and executives.

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