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  1. 4 Key Areas For Claims Handlers To Review When Dealing With Follow Form Policies April 15, 2010

    Posted in Coverage.

    A follow form excess or umbrella policies is a type of policy were the terms and conditions of an underlying layer of coverage are adopted and incorporated into the “following” layer. While these policies may still have independent provisions and exclusions, they will nonetheless relate back to the underlying, “followed” policy, for most of the terms. In many situations this way of handling excess coverage prevents inconsistencies and ensures there are no gaps in coverage. However, in complex matters involving multiple layers of coverage, or when the language conflicts with the underlying layer, many problems can occur. In claims involving these types of policies, claims handlers must fully analyze all the terms and conditions of all the policy provisions to truly understand the coverage applicable. This weeks post give 4 key areas for claims handlers to consider when dealing with follow form policies.

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