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  1. Book Review: The Global Directors and Officers Handbook by Granof & Nicholls November 14, 2014

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    In today’s ever expanding global marketpalce, the need for executives to be aware of potential liability exposure is greater than ever. To assist in understanding that exposure, we review the the Global Directors and Officer Handbook, published the ABA (get your copy here) and Edited by Perry Granof and Henry Nichols.

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  2. Getting More in Your Negotiations January 24, 2012

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    Take a look at Contributor, Nancy Hudgins review of the Stuart Diamond book on negotiation. We can always use ideas on how to improve negotiations and these look like some good ones.

  3. Book Review: General Liability Insurance Coverage by Maniloff & Stempel April 28, 2011

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    Let’s face it, there are no easy answers to that basic question every claims handler needs to ask: Is it covered? Nonetheless, it is a basic question that is sometimes fraught with trepidation. As you all know, there is no one source of coverage law interpreting your standard CGL form. 50 states means 50 different view points. We review the new book “General Liability Insurance Coverage” by Randy Maniloff & Stempel in this weeks post. It truly is an easy to use manageable book on the subject of coverage issues in a CGL policy. Covering key issues in an easy to use single volume book would be a great addition to anyone working with Commercial General Liability policies.