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Everybody Wants to Make Improvements In Claims But No One Actually Makes It Happen

It’s Like Selling World Peace. Everyone Is For It But No One Wants To Pay For It

There is so much that needs to be done in the world of claims. Operations need fixing, technology needs improving and a futures need to be defined.  For some reason however, we are all really good at talking about it and not so good about doing anything about it. The industry needs to take action.

We need leaders who will drive the initiatives needed to improve and modernize the claims industry. We are mired in an “it’s always been done that way” mentality and not doing anything about it.  I know the day-to-day is an ever growing series of issues. It is because we are forever being asked to do more with less that action is needed. Strategic planning is a necessary evil and a plan must be put into place to improve the whole or we will be destined to “always do it that way.”

Claims departments need to think creatively and “out-of-the-box” if we are going to attract new talent to the industry. This also means acting and not just talking about acting.

Take Action With These 3 Ideas

So how do you act?  check out these three suggestions for getting out from the wanting to improve to actually taking action:

  • Bring in a consultant for a fresh set of eyes… there is more there than you realize and having someone removed from the day-to-day operation will be like cleaning dirty windows. The clarity will allow you to see both good and bad and will give you the first steps to make improvement.
  • Buy one small application to help fix some aspect of the department. There are plenty of innovative technologies out there to help with everything from adjuster compliance (Xeneros) to claims auditing (the Audit Portal). Try one, they won’t cost too much but they will save you so much in time and expense.
  • Talk to your claims professionals.  Spend a day with a few of the people on the floor and listen to them. Unfortunately many continue to do tasks they know to add little value because they too fall into the “it’s always been that way” frame of mind. I promise you they know more and if given the chance will provide some fairly decent suggestions to improve the operation.  And guess what – this one won’t cost you anything.

How are you going to take action today?



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