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  1. AMA Study Finds Almost 1 Malpractice Claim Is Filed For Every Physician – Not Really Shocking August 23, 2010

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    A study from the American Medical Association (AMA) reports that an average of 95 medical liability claims are filed for every 100 physicians, almost one per physician. The AMA study looked at 42 specialties and was from a sample size of over 5,800 physicians. The number of medical liability claims is not an indication of the frequency of medical error, as the physician prevails 90 percent of the time in cases that go to trial. While 65 percent of claims are dropped or dismissed, they are not cost-free.

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  2. 6 Steps To Reduce Expenses For Medical Experts As Suggested By The Expert June 17, 2010

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    The traditional method for preparing an expert is to send them the entire record and let them review for possible issues. Dr. Philip Lanzkowsky, a medical expert providing opinions and testimony on cases for both plaintiff’s and the defense, raises some practical questions and provides a series of suggestions as to how those expert costs can be reduced.

    Read more in this interesting post of expense reduction of medical expert costs as suggested by the expert.

  3. Saying “I’m Sorry” Can Reduce Exposure to New Claims March 5, 2010

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    It may seem counter intuitive, but with the right technique a heartfelt apology can help lower claims costs and exposures There is a wave of civility sweeping through the world of risk management as a way to lower exposure and reduce costs: Apologize. Maybe mom was right when she stood there and said “now say you’re sorry.” In fact, there are some very impressive statistics in the area of medical malpractice around the simple use of an apology. Regardless, there is a proper way to apologize while protecting rights and some policy considerations to consider.

  4. Med Mal Update: Reasons for decrease in frequency and recent Illinois court decision to strike down damage caps February 5, 2010

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    In response to my post, medical malpractice report shows increased severity despite lower frequency, I received a number of LinkedIn comments that I felt offered an interesting perspective on this topic. I have included some of that discussion below. Additionally below, I review the news that the Illinois Supreme Court has struck down that state’s […]

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  5. Medical Malpractice report shows increased severity despite lower frequency January 28, 2010

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    The Insurance Information Institute has just released a comprehensive look at Medical Malpractice outlining recent developments and industry trends (read more at Medical Malpractice: The Topic). This article breaks down the industry by looking at, among other things, market conditions and national developments. Key highlights include Damage caps can save $54 Billion in medical costs […]