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  1. Looking Back On 2010 And Forward To 2011 In The World Of Claims December 31, 2010

    Posted in Best Practices, Claims Technology, Commentary, My SPOT, SPOT on Issues, SPOT on Ops.

    The year began with continued economic concerns, a poor job market and no recovery in sight. It has come to a close with a booming stock market, improved job numbers and a better outlook for 2011. Looking back on the year in claims and looking ahead to the future of claims is always a fun exercise this time of year so here we go! The Claims SPOT adds to the debate about the past and the future.

    Thanks for reading and have a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year!

  2. Does Hiring More Staff Improve Claims? How To Know When The Time Is Right May 3, 2010

    Posted in SPOT on Ops.

    Deciding when to hire new staff is always a difficult question to answer. It’s even harder in a tough economy. In this week’s post I explore what to consider before hiring. Developing a staffing model and exploring internal metrics should be done before making a decision. But how do you create a staffing model? I suggest a few methods for developing a staffing model that makes sense. Before you bring on more staff review your staffing model, see if there any trends affecting file loads and take a quick look inward at your operation. Once these assessments are completed, you will be in a better position to know if hiring is the right decision.

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  3. Are claim departments’ process and systems ready for the new “Freelance Nation” worker? January 26, 2010

    Posted in SPOT on Ops.

    Can claim departments handle the change in the American workforce. The insurance industry has struggled in recent years to attract and retain new talent, especially in claims organizations. In an effort to continually provide the best talent, as well as provide the best customer service, more of the “Freelance Nation” will need to be employed. To do this, claim organizations will need to employ strong procedures and up-to-date technology to ensure optimal performance from this more fragmented workforce. Are they ready?