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  1. 2 Company Types And Their Approach To Claim Audits: The Have To’s And The Wants To’s  November 9, 2011

    Posted in Best Practices, Claims Auditing.

    Companies can choose to audit because they have to or choose to audit because they want to. Companies that want to audit are destined to provide better customer service, happier employees, and improved results. Our latest post asks the question: Which company are you?

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  2. 6 Ways To Conquer Procrastination – A Primer For The Claims Professional August 17, 2011

    Posted in Best Practices, SPOT on Issues.

    Continuing with more insight from the Business Insider War Room, our most recent post deals with ways to fight procrastination. One of the hardest things to do sometimes is avoid distractions and focus on the work. Claims can be exceptionally exciting but at times can be rather repetitive. Working to deal with those times of procrastination in a positive way will help you become a better claims person. Take a look at these ideas and let us hear from you about others.

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