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  1. Why Can’t We All Get Along? Making The Agent A Partner In The Claims Process July 27, 2010

    Posted in Customer Service, SPOT on Issues, SPOT on Ops.

    Creating a strategic advantage through improved agent carrier relations

    The relationship between claim adjusters and agents can be an adversarial one. Each side often finds itself correcting issues created by the other side. Agents may set the wrong coverage expectation for a customer, leaving the adjuster to deliver the bad news. Adjusters may get overloaded and not return phone calls in a timely manner, resulting in a complaint to the agent’s office. In the worst case scenario, adjusters and agents may badmouth each other to customers, putting customers in the middle. Clearly, agencies have a role to play in the claim process. Enabling agents and their staff to perform their role efficiently with empathy and professionalism can benefit customers, agents, and the claims department. Read more this week from Melissa Loew.

  2. Allstate SVP of Claims Discusses The Customer And Claims At The ACE Conference June 24, 2010

    Posted in SPOT on Ops.

    An interesting keynote speech given by Allstate head of claims at America’s Claim Event in Las Vegas. Michael Roche discussed Allstate’s push to improve customer service through both improved technology and initiatives. We discuss a few interesting lessons learned that can be considered by claims operations to improve customer experiences.

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